Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome to Kentucky ... now GO HOME!

Monday, 4/5/11, my first Monday in Kentucky.  I've been in the state 4 days.  The day before had been very warm - upwards to 85 degrees and more humid as the day wore on.  When we woke up on Monday, it was very humid and overcast and rain/thunderstorms were predicted.  My sister has a NOAA Weather Radio/Alert System and it started going off about every 15 minutes starting at about 9 am. reporting thunderstorms and possible hail coming our way.  About 10:30 the alert changed to include a tornado watch.

Sometime between 11-11:30 am I was in the bathroom taking a shower.  Just as I stepped into the shower there was a BIG clap of thunder and the house shook!!!  Clearly the storm was right over us.  I started wondering if I should get OUT of the shower what with water being such a fine conductor of electricity and all ... not to mention the metal fixtures and shower rod.  However, being the brave California girl I am I said "nahhhhhhhhhh".

I continued with my shower, go out, dryed my hair and was putting on my make up when my sister pounded on the bathroom door and said the "watch" had changed to a "warning" and it was time to go to the basement.  MY FOURTH DAY IN THIS SILLY STATE!!!! and here I am naked as the day I was born and told to get in the basement.  Since I have never participated in any kind of an emergency of this nature before, I took off like a shot down the stairs ... naked.

Now I did have the presence of mind to grab my pajamas and my purse and my car keys, so when I arrived in the basement I got dressed, found some shoes ... but realized I forgot my glasses in the bathroom.  Sooooooooooooo ... I put on my sunglasses to watch the weather station on the TV in the basement.  Now there is a fashion statement if ever I saw one ... pajamas and sunglasses  :-)  Yep, I'm from CALIFORNIA!

About 45 minutes later we got the "all clear" and went back upstairs.

Welcome to Kentucky!


  1. It's you darlin'--all that natural energy, of course a storm would be attracted to you. ;-)

    Oh I wish I coulda' seen it. LOL


  2. I've been waiting for you to call me back and tell me you were safe and out of the basement. I guess I'll have to follow the blog to keep track of you.. Love you my other pea..

  3. The weather was welcoming you Susan!!! I had fun reading your blog. I can picture you running downstairs with your sister. Did you take a picture??
    Love you,

  4. Susan - you left us for this?
    Seriously, maybe you need to pack an emergency kit for the basement that includes a change of clothes (undies, anyway) a hot romance novel and something decent to drink, along with a wine bottle opener - you know, for emergencies! And a spare pair of glasses...!
    I miss you like crazy,